DLV SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company established in the year 2008. The promoters of this company have 25 to 30 years of experience in the field of surface enhancement/modification Technologies like Liquid Nitriding & Oxidation, Oxidation Polish and Re Oxidation & Moly Coating Process. The unit is set up in a 3000 sq ft plant. A plant containing the Administrative office, Laboratory / Testing room, Storeroom, Process Shop floor, etc and a further 3000 sqft of open space with garden.

The company provides services to around 150 reputed customers in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, New Delhi & Maharashtra.

We are an approved vendor for Mahindra, TVS ancillaries, Maruti Suzuki & Honda ancillaries.

These Process find application on Engineering Components used in Automobile Industries, Textile Industries, Electrical Industries, Cement Industries, Steel Industries, Hydraulic Industries, Moulding Industries, Forging Dies, Aluminium Die Casting Dies, Extrusion Dies, Screws & Barrels in Plastic Industries, Sliding components in Special Purpose Machines, All types of Gears, Crank Shaft & other components in Reduction Gearbox Assemblies, etc.

The company maintains adequate pollution control efforts and has received Consent from the Pollution Control Board.

The company maintains a very effective and strict adherence to quality standards for input Raw materials (Chemicals) and Bath chemistry analyzing in the inhouse ultra-modern Laboratory.

The unit has 3 furnaces with capacities to process components with a maximum diameter of 450mm, 550mm, and 650mm.

The Unit has an Ultra Modern testing facility equipped with

★ Digital Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester Magnification of 100X(Observation) and 400X(Measuring), test force of 10gf to 1 kg,

★ Rockwell Hardness Tester,

★ Trinocular inverted Metallurgical Microscope with plan optics and incident light illumination for Compound Layer and Case depth checking.

★ Cutting machine, Precision Cutting machine, Polishing and Moulding machines for preparing molds for checking Surface Hardness and Case depth checking on test pieces.

Also, arrangements have been made for third party inspection at NABL approved Laboratory in Bangalore.

Quality Policy

We, management and all employees of DLV Surface Technologies, are committed to providing our customers, together as a team, which meets the specification and to even exceed their expectations.

The Quality Management system adopted shall ensure the services rendered shall meet the complete requirements of the customer and maintain a reputation for Honesty and Integrity.


A Surface treatment process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case hardened the surface. Liquid Nitriding is a non-polluting sulfur accelerated Liquid Nitriding and Nitrocurburising process, performed at 565 ± 5 deg C.

DLV specializes in surface modification technologies to combat problems of wear, seizure, and corrosion, encountered by components in the industry. Various components require this treatment. Components such as Gears, Shafts, Forging Dies, Die Casting Dies,  Textiles Industries components, Special Purpose Machine components, Automobile components, etc.

• Enhances Wear Resistance
• Resistance to Seizure
• Resistance to Fatigue and corrosion


A Thermochemical Surface treatment to improve resistance to wear, seizure, scuffing and corrosion. It combines the thermochemical diffusion in molten salt baths with passivation and finishing treatment to produce a surface having exceptional resistance to wear, seizure, scuffing, corrosion and fatigue.

Additionally to an extensive range of original applications OXIDATION may enable a duplex treatment cycle (e.g. heat treatment + surface finishing) to be replaced by a single treatment providing superior properties at a significantly lower cost.

• Enhances Corrosion resistance
• Eliminates Hydrogen Embrittlement
• A Substitute for plating in mechanical components

Moly Coat

Moly coat is a Speciality bonded lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. MOS2. A unique coating for excellent corrosion resistance, reduced frictional torque, easy and frequent dismantling, cleanliness & long-time storage.

These are used for components where load carrying capacity, operating pressure, and coefficient of friction are primary concerns. It has an excellent corrosion resistance compared to conventional plating processes like zinc, chromium, cadmium, nickel, etc. and additionally brings down the frictional Torque of coated surfaces. Being a dry film lubricant Moly coating does not pick up dust as compared to conventional oils and greases.

• Avoids Rust and accumulation of Dust.
• Reduces Frictional Torque.
• It has self-lubrication

Lab Facilities

Moulding / Cutting Machine

Polishing Machine

Chemical Lab


Cutting Machine

Micro vickers Hardness Tester




SF No. 247, Plot No. 7, Sri Amman Nagar Thally Road, Near V.J. Kalyana Mandapam, Krishnagiri Dist,
Hosur - 635 109 (T.N.)


SF No. 444/1-C, Kempatti Road Kalugondapalli, Village, Tamil Nadu, Hosur - 635 114.