DLV Switchgears is a Leading Switchgear equipment manufacturer with a significant presence. Our integrated facilities have the capabilities of Product Design, Development, Testing, Certification and modern manufacturing to rigid quality standards. This resulted in DLV becoming the manufacturer of a well-established product in the electrical Industry. All products conform to National standards.

These MCCBs are designed to protect, isolate and switch circuits in low voltage distribution networks. The MCCBs have a proven performance record in most stringent operating environments for more than two decades. It has been a preferred product in industries like steel, power, paper, chemical, and textile plants. The MCCBs also suits harsh tropical Indian conditions and its terminals are designed to receive termination with aluminum conductors easily.

Type TME – Single Pole

Type TMS – Single Pole

Type TME – 3 Pole

Type TME – 4 Pole

Type TMS – 3 Pole

Type TMS – 4 Pole

Type TML – 3 Pole

Type TML – 4 Pole


✦ Range: 16A to 250A
✦ 1,2, 3 & 4 pole configuration.
✦ Suitable for DC applications
✦ Thermo Magnetic overload trip unit
✦ Breaking capacities upto 50KA
✦ Adjustable Thermal-magnetic trip units
✦ Category of Use ,Type A according to IEC 60947-2
✦ Quick – make ,Quick break & trip free mechanism
✦ Push to trip facility
✦ ON-OFF & trip indication
✦ Housing, cover made of heat resistance ,mechanical strength, thermo – set insulting material DMC /SMC.
✦ Current limiting, Low let through energy
✦ High insulation voltage of 690V & 1000V(1P)
✦ Suitable for wide range of ambient temperature up to 50˚C
✦ Silver Alloy contact tips enhances the contacts life
✦ Compact design & Elegant appearance
✦ Easy mounting accessories , field fit able
✦ Suitable for isolation


The Cover and housing is made of DMC which has high arc resistance, thermal withstand, and superior mechanical properties.

Current Limiting

It operates on current limiting principle. This ensures high breaking capacity, faster fault clearances, and low let-through energy resulting in reduced electrodynamic forces and thermal stresses which prevents damage to downstream equipment. When a prospective fault current flows through the MCCB, the design of contacts, through a reversal of current ensures separation of the contacts even before tripping occurs. The early separation of the contacts ensures low let-through energy in the system, thus ensuring a higher life of the connected equipment.

Insulation Voltage

The MCCB is designed with a high level of insulation voltage of 690V & 1000V(1P). This enhances the reliability of the breakers by providing higher resistance to flashovers under fault conditions.


The mechanism is quick to make a quick break, independent manual type, with trip-free features.


A ‘Push to trip’ button is provided on the front to test the MCCBs mechanical function.


The accessories provided are factory fittable and field fittable, Field fitment offers flexibility to users for modification on site. The accessories can be fixed by opening the lid and fixing the required accessories.

Auxiliary and Alarm Switch

These switches are conveniently fitted by removing the lid on the front face of the MCCB. The auxiliary switch operates with the opening and closing of the MCCB indicating the breaker ‘ON’ / ‘OFF’ status. Alarm switches operate whenever the MCCB trips.

Under Voltage

The release can be easily mounted by removing the lid on the front face of the MCCB. This is a short time rated coil and hence recommended to be used with an auxiliary switch to disconnect it after the operation. Releases are common for equivalent AC and DC voltages. And are available in 110 – 415V AC / 110V – 220V DC, 24 – 48V AC / DC voltages.

Shunt Trip

The release can be easily mounted by removing the lid on the front face of the MCCB. This is used for remote tripping of the breakers. Since it is a short time rated a continuous voltage cannot be applied to the release. The tripping voltage is 0.7 to 1.1 Ue.

Terminal Barrier

Terminal Barrier to enhance the dielectric strength between the terminals are available as accessories.

Direct and Extended Rotary Handle

The MCCB comes with a compact, low torque, user-friendly door drives, which changes the toggle lever movement from a Linear to a Rotary movement. They have an “OFF” position and the “ON” position.

The third position “TRIP” is located between the “ON” and the “OFF” position. The drive is easy to mount. The rotary drives provide a door interlock facility in the “ON” position, besides providing a padlock facility to lock the MCCB in the “OFF” position. Direct Mounting on mccb and Extended Mounting options are available.


Used on LT side of Distribution transformer, D G sets, LT panel boards, motor control centres, Protection of Capacitor, UPS, Motors, Furnaces.

DLV is committed to development and addition of Protection equipments to its existing range , expand its market share , build up customer satisfaction with world class products.




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